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Philadelphia PA 19102
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Floss Barber

Floss Barber Floss Barber

Floss Barber, CEO and Principal Designer of Floss Barber, Inc. is a noted leader in the interior design industry. Ms. Barber brings to each project a wealth of thirty years of interior design, planning and project management experience. Her distinct blend of leadership and vision is the primary reason for Floss Barber, Inc.'s continued success in the achievement of design excellence and client satisfaction.

Throughout her career, Ms. Barber has been ahead of the curve when implementing her design ideas and an instrumental influence in the developing methodology behind the trend for project types. Ms. Barber has helped shape and define the social fabric of Philadelphia through her interior design projects. She designed the first true espresso bar, the first restaurant in the Old City section of Philadelphia and the first ecologically conscious hotel. Additionally, she was commissioned to design the first card room in the state of Florida. With her reputation for firsts it is no surprise that she is currently the lead designer for the first casino to be located within the city limits of Philadelphia.

Ms. Barber plays an active role in each project, determining the overall direction for the design and assuring the team's successful completion of the project. Her personal contact with each client is an integral part of the project process from start to finish.

Floss Barber identifies an important strength to be the ability to listen and see what the client is trying to obtain and to provide thoughtful design in a timely and direct fashion that best represents the essence of her clients.