Yoga at Floss Barber Inc.

Floss Barber has been meditating and doing yoga since 1973. She has had a longstanding commitment to self-improvement and life/work balance. The rest of the world is now catching up. As we have blogged about before the lines between work, play and even fitness are blending. Floss Barber Inc. practices what we preach and hold open yoga classes every Monday in the design studio.


There are many benefits to practicing yoga, improved balance, posture, concentration and strength.
We have adopted some vocabulary words from our yoga practice into our office mantras:
Atman: The self, soul
Dhyana: Meditation
Guru: Who guides darkness to the light
Jnana marg: Path of knowledge
Manas: The Mind
Prakriti: Nature
Santosha: Contentment
Satya: Truth
Shakti: Vital energy

This email is dedicated to Shri BKS Iyengar Master who passed away Wednesday at the age of 95. He will be forever immortalized by his teachings and his famous quote, “I always say, ‘live happily, die majestically”.