Working Together, Again

As offices look toward reopening after weeks of shutdown, the planning, materiality, and technology of our workspaces will need to shift to create a culture of wellbeing first. At Floss Barber, Inc., we are working together with commercial office experts to provide businesses with a one-stop shop for everything from small tweaks to large-scale solutions for clients transitioning back to onsite operations.

Service Offerings 

Bringing together interior design, furniture accommodations, engineering expertise, cleaning services, signage solutions, and refreshed artwork, we will provide commercial clients with a safe redesign that encourages productivity while maintaining attractive branding and style. 

Offerings include a review of existing systems to identify and evaluate areas in need of improvement, and a designed plan for any recommended solutions.

If we can help you in any way, or you would like to discuss your business needs in more detail, please call or email Floss directly at 310-871-3785 or

1. Interior Design, Furniture and Furnishings, and Engineering Services 

Floss Barber Inc. – Design, Coordination, and Project Management

  • Review space planning to identify areas needing improvement: 
    • Reception and/or lobby.
    • Open office space.
    • Private offices.
    • Amenity spaces.
    • Conference rooms.
    • Pantries, cafeterias, and break rooms.
  • Replan areas as necessary to create safer personal spaces.
  • Review materiality of all spaces to finishes susceptible to contamination.
  • Replace materials as necessary for anti-microbial protection and cleanability.

resource partnership – Furniture, Relocation, and Storage

  • Review furniture to identify areas needing improvement: 
    • Reception and/or lobby.
    • Benching.
    • Workstations.
    • Private offices.
    • Amenity spaces.
    • Conference rooms.
    • Pantries, cafeterias, and break rooms.
  • Recommend alterations to furniture as necessary to create safer personal spaces.

Bala Consulting Engineers – HVAC, MEP, and Technology Systems

  • Primary Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) systems review and implementation:
    • Implement pressurization control and/or enhance current practices.
    • Increase airflow (recirculated and outside air).
    • Deactivate demand control systems that limit concentration of outside air.
    • Operate systems longer and with higher outside air content to flush spaces due to increased use of cleaners.
    • Replace HVAC filters with higher efficiency, antimicrobial and/or HEPA filters.
    • Operate ventilation and exhaust systems serving communal spaces such as toilet rooms continuously (24 hours/day).
    • Disinfect water closets after each flush.
    • Install thermographic screening at entrance(s).
    • Change lighting controls to be hands free with occupancy sensors.
    • Replace all plumbing fixtures (restrooms, pantries/cafeterias/break rooms, water coolers, etc.) with handsfree technology.
  • Longer-term MEP options and implementation:
    • HVAC Systems:
      • Install bi-polar ionization equipment.
      • Install UVC lights at return air ductwork and at components within the air system.
      • Sanitize ductwork with aerosol sprays or FAR-UVC lighting.
      • Sanitize with electrostatic misting equipment (stationary and portable).
      • Provide portable air purifiers.
    • Plumbing Systems:
      • Sanitize restrooms with FAR-UVC lights.
      • Install modular toilet rooms with FAR-UVC lighting.
    • Technology Systems:
      • Perform Thermographic Floor Density Mapping.

2. Cleaning Services 

Hopson Cleaning Services, Inc. – Reentry and Maintenance Cleaning

  • Review cleaning services and procedures.
  • Design cleaning procedures for frequency and thoroughness:
    • Benching, workstations, and private offices:
      • Fully wipe and sanitize all desks and chairs.
      • Fully wipe and sanitize all phones, headsets, keyboards, and hand mouse.
      • Fully wipe and sanitize all cleared surfaces.
      • Fully vacuum, deep clean, and sanitize carpeting.
      • Fully sweep/dust mop and damp mop hard surface flooring with a disinfectant cleaner (or strip and wax if needed). 
    • Public spaces:
      • Fully wipe and sanitize all desks and chairs.
      • Wipe down all cleared windowsills from top to bottom to remove all dust, dirt and cobwebs.
      • Completely wipe down and clean all cleared desktops, tabletops, countertops, bookshelves, file cabinets, telephones, and chairs with a disinfectant cleaner to remove all handprints, stains, and smudges.
      • Fully dust and wipe down all walls, wall columns, doors, doorknobs, entrance glass, light switches, waste baskets, exposed baseboards, ceiling lights, and vents to remove all dirt, stains and marks.
      • Fully vacuum, deep clean, and sanitize carpeting.
      • Fully clean, disinfect, and polish all water fountains.
      • Dust and wipe clean fire extinguishers; dust high corners and ceiling vents to remove dirt and cobwebs.
      • Fully wipe glass clean and free of handprints.
      • Fully dust and wipe down stairway walls and handrails to remove all dirt.
      • Fully sweep down and damp mop steps.
      • Fully sweep/dust mop and damp mop hard surface flooring with a disinfectant cleaner (or strip and wax if needed).
    • Pantries, cafeterias, and break rooms:
      • Fully wipe and sanitize faucet and sink.
      • Fully wipe and sanitize countertops.
      • Fully wipe and sanitize cabinet and drawer fronts.
      • Fully sweep/dust mop and damp mop hard surface flooring with a disinfectant cleaner (or strip and wax if needed).
  • Fog entire space with certified COVID-19 disinfectant as additional layer of protection.

3. Signage Services 

PMDI Signs – Wayfinding, Educational Messaging, and Graphic Solutions

  • Review locations and messaging of signage for density and cleanliness. 
  • Redesign and implement signage that encourages safe practices for cleanliness.
  • Redesign and implement wayfinding signage that encourages best practices to decrease density and identify personal spaces.
  • Design and implement privacy film for partitions.

4. Art Consulting Services 

Duval Art Consultancy – Refreshed Artwork and Placement

  • Review subject matter and placement of art to support new messaging.
  • Recommend new artwork pieces.
  • Recommend new artwork placement.

5. Lighting Consulting Services

BEAM, Ltd. – Advanced Lighting Solutions

  • Review lighting conditions.
  • Recommend new and supplemental lighting.


Furniture Accommodation Solutions

At left is an example of a small-scale adaptation you could make to your conference rooms. By removing chairs, employees have more protective personal space, while retaining in-person communication and collaboration. (pictured: Kimball Kore Conference Table + Joya Task Chair, Resource Partnership)

In our office, we are going to reduce density by converting amenity spaces into private workstations to provide each employee with a clear six-foot radius of personal space. We can help you find similar opportunities in your floor plan. (pictured: Kimball Dock Meeting System, Resource Partnership)

When it comes to workstations, we can recommend adaptations that provide privacy and protection. Panels with taller heights and returns, moveable screens, and anti-microbial finishes are some of the options available. (pictured: Kimball Narrate Panel / Inscape RockIt Panel + Free Form Divider, Resource Partnership) 

HVAC, MEP, and Technology Solutions

BALA Engineers can help install proper HVAC filtration systems to protect your workforce. As the chart shows, larger particulate that contain the coronavirus may be intercepted by HEPA filters and higher efficiency ULPA filters. These filters may also be treated with antimicrobial coatings to kill dangerous microbes on contact.

This diagram demonstrates Bi-Polar Ionization technology. The BPI ionization tube charges oxygen from the air into ions, which latch onto and neutralize contaminants they come into contact with, including dust, smoke, VOCs, allergens, and other air pollutants. The ions also work to deactivate single-celled, carbon-based organisms such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria. To maximize impact, this technology should constantly operate.

Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions

After performing a thorough cleaning of the workspace, Hopson Cleaners will then “fog” the entire space with a certified COVID-19 disinfectant as an additional layer of protection. This method allows each room to be sanitized down to the smallest of microns.

Wayfinding and Signage Solutions 

At left are examples of wayfinding and graphic solutions PMDI Signs can design and implement to encourage safe health practices in your workspace. 

Advanced Lighting Solutions

Indigo-Clean is one manufacturer BEAM, Ltd., can recommend for an extensive line of luminaires with supplemental UV light within their standard fixtures. Using a mix of white led LEDs and 405nm LEDs, these luminaires provide environmental disinfection so any surface touched by the light will see reduced bacterial growth.