Floss Barber, Inc. Pledges to Support Black Lives Matter

Floss Barber, Inc. wants to react purposefully and passionately in support of Black Lives Matter.

We are saddened by longstanding white indifference to racial injustice. We recognize that we are incomplete unless we amplify and include BIPOC voices and work to change this status quo. We will become more engaged, take tangible action, and stand as stronger advocates and allies. We’re committed to being part of a systematic response to ending racism.

As a company, as designers, and as individuals, we commit to the following specific actions:

  • Our staff will collectively read and discuss books on white privilege, the Black experience, and overcoming systemic racism. We begin with “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo.
  • We will listen to BIPOC voices in our industry, our community, and beyond to learn with empathy and understanding, recognizing that we may sometimes fall short, but are striving toward greater good.
  • We will intentionally recruit and hire BIPOC to ensure we maintain a staff representative of our city and those our projects serve.
  • We will seek out and include BIPOC suppliers, consultants, and partners on every project opportunity.
  • We will financially support groups combating racism and advancing BIPOC, including (but not limited to) NAACP, The Conscious Kid, and Justice for Breonna Taylor.
  • We will seek out opportunities to learn from and mentor underrepresented students pursuing careers in design, architecture, and construction, beginning with involvement in the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia.
  • We will dedicate ourselves to making sure our practice is more equitable in all aspects of business.
  • We will vote in every election for those who promote anti-racism in their principles and policies.
  • We will commit to ongoing actions of social responsibility that are vital to supporting BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and any others marginalized by systemic inequities and prejudices.

If you have recommendations for our increased involvement or action, or if you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, please call or email Floss directly at 310-871-3785 or fjb@flossbarber.com.