Burgers and More by Emeril

Bam! In 2008, this was a new concept for Emeril Lagasse: a relaxed, amusing, less-expensive option for casino players. Playing on Emeril’s signature expression, “Bam!” we focused the main dining room on a larger-than-life mosaic portrait of the chef by acclaimed Brazilian neo-pop artist, Romero Britto. We complemented Britto’s bright multi-colored geometrics with brilliant lighting and minimal décor.

On one side of the stainless-steel kitchen, we put a wall of glass, where guests jockey for position to watch cooks prepare burgers, beans, and bleu cheese. The open kitchen, with stainless appliances, adds to the lively atmosphere, again echoing the attitude of Emeril himself: energetic yet intimate.

As in most casinos, restaurants sit on the perimeter of the betting action – again with glass walls, so even while eating, customers are thinking about gaming – even if these are the best burgers in the region.

Emeril Lagasse, Sands Bethlehem