Hirtle Callaghan

With over 100 financial professionals, Hirtle Callaghan is an investment powerhouse that has been our client for 25 years. Since we understand the firm’s business metrics and anticipated growth, we were able to maximize their workplace in their imposing new suburban tower. We used the concept of industrial democracy, positioning staff along the windows and placing low partitions for privacy. From the core of the space, the management team can look out, past staff, to beautiful views.

Cool earth tones with punches of color throughout the office, juxtaposed with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that pivot open, symbolize the clear, progressive brand of Hirtle Callaghan.

In 2015, we designed an expansion that modernized the lobby and reception area and added a tiered, 100-seat auditorium; informal meeting areas; and a full commercial kitchen and dining area with windows.

Hirtle Callaghan