Micro rentals hit the market, 314 square feet, asking $1.2K

A few months ago, during Micro Week, we shared news that the Avenir, a joint project from Scully Company and Alterra Property Group, was set to bring micro-living to the historic Robinson Building: offering 180 residences, a third of which are micro units, tucked into an amenities-packed building. Well, they’re here. And they’re fabulous. Yet almost incomprehensibly small. The tiniest units, dubbed “flats,” range from 314 to 329 square feet small. In a slightly larger bracket, the building’s studio apartments weigh in at a whopping 424 square feet. Monthly rents, though, are not quite as petite: expect to drop approximately $1,200 for a flat. If you decide after all that micro living is just not your cup of tea, there are also quite a few two-bedroom, two-bath apartments in the building. Measuring at their largest a smidgen over a 1,000 square feet, they fetch up to $3,000 a month.

But per the developers, micro living doesn’t mean missing out. “Avenir is perfect for the modern urban lifestyle,” says Jessica Scully, President of Scully Company. “Every inch of space was thoughtfully planned to maximize livable square footage with the amenities our resident’s desire.” And the amenities are kind of a big deal. They include:

· 24-hour concierge services
· Indoor bike/stroller storage
· Cycle repair stations
· Screening room
· Test kitchen (in case your own gets a tad crowded should a guest stop by)
· Conference rooms
· “Think suites”
· A fitness center featuring programmable digital trainers with video content, gradual terrain changes and ambient sounds
· Spin classes and TRX suspension-training stations


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