2020 Design Outlook

TheĀ Floss Barber team spent the year digging into the latest design research – from materials to consumer data to the effect of AirBNB – to bring you the future of design in 2020.

2020 Design Outlook

Click to download a copy of our 2020 Design Outlook.

As designers, we are becoming anthropologists. Our job demands that we thoroughly understand site, geography, culture, context, and all the individuals who use the spaces we design. Our depth of understanding lets us create environments that break down barriers between people and infuse spaces with delight, always in the hope that our design will enrich where our clients work, play, sleep, and eat. May your experiences in 2020 be enriched.

From our family to yours, may you have a bright and happy new year!

Very truly yours,

The Floss Barber Team